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Get prices "before" you visit your Car Dealer

Before you visit Portland Auto Dealers, you owe it to yourself to get some quotes. A new car costs a lot of money and if you don't do some research, well, you've got a lot more disposable cash than I do. So check out the auto resources below, get some quotes and then visit a dealer. A new option is also included for people with a car lease that will allow you to Exit your car lease early - no penalties! That may be just the ticket for many. Remember you can't get a "best" car price when you get just one quote.

Edmunds offers all types of car buying information on line. You can research the car and car prices to now or look through our car listings with links to individual car manufacturers within our car buying sections.

Free Price Quotes at Edmunds.com

Autos .com will also give you a new car price quote from dealers in our area for free within 60 seconds.

Get your new car today!

If you are buying a used car, make sure you know it's History. Don't get taken for a drive. AutoCheck® that pre-owned vehicle before you buy.

Lease Trader from Swap a Lease offers an interesting option for owners of cars with a lease. They offer ways out of a lease so that you can pursue a new vehicle.

Short term car lease - No down payment!

All of the above are set to open a new window so you can easily get new car quotes from multiple businesses. Getting multiple quotes is the only way to get a "best" price on a new car.

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